SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Leaders' Club is a private club with aim to provide a platform for elite business community to meet on regular basis, arrange events, workshops, presentations, get togethers, seminars, conferences etc., brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions, discuss inventions and progress on current and forthcoming developments, gain insight about the business community and news both about Cyprus and internationally, etc.

The mission of SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Leaders' Club is to create a unique base for members to share knowledge, disseminate, discuss and debate ideas that can transform our world.

The criteria for membership process is as follows:
• Members are to be invited personally by the President of the Club.
• The member must be either the Owner/Founder/Chairperson or CEO (senior managers may not be accepted)
• The member must be at least 5 years in business in one of the above positions
• The member must have commitment to attend the Club's meetings/events and to actively participate in the Club's activities subject, of course, to his / her availability.

It has been agreed that the Club must be:
• Politically neutral
• International (working language is English)
• Have respectful environment among the members irrespectively on their age, gender, nationality, race etc.;
• Maintain formal business dress code (except any events where another dress code is required)

o Events interesting to the Club's members. Said events may include introduction of business people from abroad, presentation on any hot subjects for business community, practical coaching on some interesting topics, Q&As sessions with key people such as ministers and mayors, representatives of public and business sector, experts in different areas, municipal and local organizations, tax & economic advisors and many others
o Get together breakfasts/lunches for the Club members
o Presentations on current research and developments
o Discussion meetings between the members
o Renomated speaker presentations and other social events
o Networking
o Workshops
o Leadership & entrepreneurship inspirational meetings
o Development seminars
o Gourmet or "evening with style" events, with outstanding guests

The Club is offering additional services/agreements/discounts as follows:
o Advocacy in a way of separate agreement that will be available for the Club's members on investments, business consultations, partnerships, connections / recommendations / introductions to 3rd parties etc.
o Private brainstorming meetings with the Club's president to discuss new possibilities for business growth and expansion
o Education and support to local businesses and start-up companies
o Assistance on professional development
o Mentorship
o Discounts for participation in business conferences and forums organized by the Successful Business Magazine (Best Invest Congress, Best Legal Conference etc.)

There are two different types of SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Leaders' Club Membership:
"BASIC" - 12 Month Business Club Membership – 1.000,00 euro
"PREMIUM" - 12 Month Executive Business Club Membership - 2.500,00 euro
SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Leaders' Club Membership Agreement

Economic Diplomacy Council
Created in cooperation with the Department of Economic and Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus to bring together business people who live and work in Cyprus.
Globalization and growing international competition require a maximum consolidation of the state institutions and businesses in implementation of the country's economic policy and economic interests abroad. Especially that is important for small countries like Cyprus.
The Council is aimed to advise the Cyprus Government regarding strategic and priority directions of the Cyprus economic foreign policy, on the improvement of the system of representation of Cyprus economic interests abroad and communication with thousands successful business people who reside and do business in Cyprus.
Both, Cyprus state authorities and local business people participate in the Council's meetings to ensure a constructive dialogue, better coordination and implementation of the economic state policy. The Economic Diplomacy Council members join forces to analyze and reduce market access obstacles, open-up new opportunities, have fruitful dialogue on all relevant issues.

Entrepreneurs Committee
This committee will bring together private investors, business owners, start-up founders in order to exchange experience, brainstorm on new ideas and projects, have constant support on developments of new and existing businesses.
Companies need to move beyond traditional R&D, technology and product innovation to focus on new value propositions and business models. It also means creating an entirely new organizational structure in which exploitation and exploration can co-exist and growth can thrive.
Entrepreneurs Committee is focusing on consulting, educating and supporting smaller businesses and start-ups as they have more scope for professional growth.