Leaders' Club

This entity is served to be a private international business leaders' club
based in Cyprus with the aim to provide a platform for the business community to meet on a regular basis, to arrange events, workshops, presentations, get togethers, seminars, conferences etc., to brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions, discuss latest trends and progress on current and forthcoming developments, to gain insights about the business community and share news both about Cyprus and internationally.

Vision – Ethos – Values:
- Influential and respected reputation
- Non-political affiliation
- Social purpose (networking, friendships and safe, fun, comfortable environment)
- Training /learning/educational
- Ethical and trusted
- Supportive, partner, window in business, bridge to your home country and a doorway to other international business clubs
- Achievement and results driven orientation
- International members focused club

- All members of the Club are invited to collectively live & honour the Club Rule which helps create a trusted environment
- The Rule reads as follows:
When a meeting, or part thereof, is held participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

- Each member will be invited personally by the President of the Club.
- The Club accepts 6 members per month from 6 different spheres of business.
- Only Owners/Founders/Chairpersons or CEO's are accepted as members of the Club.
- The member must hold one of the above positions for the period of at least 5 years.

- Business and social events
- Networking with local and international business leaders
- Presentations on current research and developments as well as on any "hot" subjects which of concern to business community
- Q&As sessions with key people such as ministers, ambassadors, mayors, representatives of public and business sector, experts in different areas, municipal and local organizations, tax & economic advisors/experts and many others
- Get together breakfasts/lunches/dinners for the Club members
- Speeches by renowned speakers
- Leadership & entrepreneurship inspirational meetings
- Gourmet or "evening with style" events, with outstanding guests

- Advice and assistance on possible partnerships, connections / recommendations / introductions to third parties etc.
- Private brainstorming meetings with the Club's president to generate new ideas and discuss possibilities for business growth and expansion.
- Support to local businesses and start-up companies.
- Discounts for participation in business conferences and forums organized by the Successful Business Magazine (Best Invest Congress, Best Legal Conference etc.)
- Discounts from the Partners of the Club, selected restaurants and hotels.


Economic Diplomacy Council
The Council aims to discuss strategic and priority directions of the Cyprus economic foreign and local policy, on the improvement of the system of representation of Cyprus economic interests abroad and communication with thousands of successful business people who reside and conduct business in Cyprus.

The Economic Diplomacy Council members join forces to analyze and reduce market access obstacles, open-up new opportunities, have fruitful dialogue on all relevant issues.

Entrepreneurs Committee
This committee brings together small and medium private business owners, investors, start-up founders in order to exchange experience, brainstorm on new ideas and projects, offer constant support on developments of new and existing businesses.

The Entrepreneurs Committee focuses on consulting and supporting smaller businesses and start-ups as they have more scope for professional growth.