Natalia Kardash
Businesswoman. Publisher. Business Club Founder.

-- Founder, SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Leaders' Club;
-- Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, VESTNIK KIPRA Newspaper and SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Magazine;
-- Member of Corporate Advisory Board, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Cyprus;
-- Honorary Fellow Member, CIM Cyprus Business School;
-- Founder, Chairwoman, BEST LEGAL Conference, BEST INVEST Congress, Health&Beauty Forum.

Main area of expertise: Publishing, communications, PR, networking. Natalia's personal network exceeds 6000 business people: Cypriots on all levels of business and political governance, foreign business executives who live and work in Cyprus or live abroad but have interests in Cyprus.

VK Cyprus Group is working with the expat communities of Cyprus and bringing them in touch with local business community.

is a private initiative to bring together international business contacts of Ms. Kardash, to assist in networking and exchange of information and ideas.

Major activities
Natalia helps people to establish business contacts, promotes interests of international community of Cyprus, organises various events and meetings.
Three biggest events organised by N. Kardash and her team
VK Cyprus Group Team organises douzens events per year. Below you'll see the video reportages on the three main annual events.
Natalia Kardash is the founder and the chairwoman of the BEST INVEST CONGRESS and number of other similar business events. Since 2015 this practitioner-oriented networking event promotes specific investment opportunities in Cyprus and gives an overview of local and International investment climate and forecasts.

BEST INVEST consists of a conference, an exhibition, seminars, presentations, workshops, a formal reception, informal events, pre-arranged business meetings in 1x1 format.

Next event: 28 May 2024
Reportage from the BEST INVEST Congress 2022
The content of the event was prepared in cooperation with Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency Invest Cyprus, Cyprus International Funds Association and Association TechIsland.
BEST LEGAL Conference
In 2023 for the 9th year BEST LEGAL Conference will gather professionals – lawyers, consultants and business people – who monitor all changes in the Cyprus legislative and tax system that are relevant for the International business community.

BEST LEGAL 2023 will focus on the key issues of the current global crises, provide ideas to adapt and improve the law and legal practices in accordance with the local and global changes, to bring solutions to the current challenges.

Next event: 10 October 2024
The Forum is held in luxurious Parklane Hotel and SPA complex in Limassol. It hosts more than 100 participating companies, over 300 brands, dozens of seminars, lectures, presentations and shows prepared by Natalia Kardash and her team.

The forum is visited by over 3000 people who devote their weekend to beauty and health, discover innovative products and services in the fields of aesthetics, nutrition, fitness, medical services.

Next event: 6-7 April 2024
Who am I in the realm of business, and how can I contribute to my business network?
For over 24 years, I've called Cyprus home — a place where I've cultivated an extensive network and garnered recognition as a transformative business leader. With connections that span various industries and backgrounds, my mission is clear: I intend to serve as a bridge, seamlessly connecting foreign business professionals with their Cypriot counterparts for mutual prosperity.
when introducing people to each other
My distinctive expertise lies in my ability to harmonize business interests, using my knowledge of our business contacts and their aspirations. I'm committed to being the go-to resource for tackling business challenges by orchestrating partnerships that yield tangible results, while also ensuring a seamless exchange of information.
connecting international C-executives
My strategy is to combine both online and offline avenues. As a publisher of a newspaper and magazine or on my personal social media pages, I share insights and expertise. Additionally, as the founder of a business leaders' club I facilitate valuable personal meetings among C-level executives, business owners, entrepreneurs.

private consultations and one-to-one business meetings
Furthermore, through my consultancy and networking services, I aim to empower professionals with practical solutions and strategic insights.
Whether you're looking to establish new online or offline connections, explore opportunities, or collaborate on projects, I'm here to help you navigate the dynamic world of business in Cyprus.