Natalia Kardash is a communications expert focusing on intercultural business development and partnerships.

Main areas of expertise: Publishing, PR, event management, networking, business partnerships. She knows thousands people in Cyprus on all levels of business and political governance as well as foreign business executives who live and work in Cyprus or live abroad but have interests in Cyprus.

Natalia's personal network exceeds 6,000 business people in Cyprus and contact people in 80+ countries of the World.
Business activities:
Natalia is the founder of the Successful Business Leaders' Club and the CEO of VESTNIK KIPRA Group.

The Business Club is a private communication platform that helps Natalia to introduce her personal contacts to each other, to assist business leaders in communications and business development. It has 100 members of 23 nationalities working in 37 fields of business.

VESTNIK KIPRA Group works with expats in Cyprus. Via publications - with the local Russian-speaking community and - via events - with Cyprus foreign residents of all other nationalities. The main fields of activity are publishing, event management, PR and promotion of Cyprus enterprises abroad. VESTNIK KIPRA newspaper offers local Cyprus news in the Russian language (daily online, quarterly in print), SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS magazine provides the Russian-speaking and the English-speaking business communities in Cyprus with up-to-date, current information (daily online, quarterly in print). The largest events organized by VK Cyprus Group are the Health and Beauty Forum (over 3,000 participants and 40 seminars), BEST INVEST Congress (10 events, including conference, exhibition, bilateral meetings), BEST LEGAL Conference (local and foreign lawyers).

Business Development and Networking: Natalia Kardash advises local and international companies on how to promote their products and services in Cyprus. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Leaders' Club connects business leaders of different nationalities. Natalia Kardash works on a retainer fee basis or consults international community members on hourly basis online and offline.

Events and Education: VESTNIK KIPRA organizes online and offline business events, writes and translates corporate articles, translates into Russian documents and marketing materials. It works for cultural and business integration by offering intensive Russian language learning courses to business professionals from Cyprus and intensive Greek and English language courses for Russian-speaking people.

Online and Offline Publishing: VESTNIK KIPRA has two daily publications. One provides Cypriot news, and the other – business analytics with the focus on Cyprus and Eastern Mediterranean. Natalia is editor-in-chief of four publications: daily online newspaper (80,000 readers/month), daily online business analytics portal (15,000 readers/month), quarterly printed newspaper digest, quarterly printed business analytics magazine.

Natalia Kardash' Major Achievements

• Through leadership and strategic vision, Natalia has established a local newspaper and several magazines and built one of the strongest media brands in the country.

• Natalia founded and organized from A to Z over 100 community events with a total number of participants exceeding 20,000 people. In addition to this, her biggest annual cultural event brought together over 12,000 people each year (2006-2019).

• Natalia has written more than 3,000 articles, conducted more than 1,000 interviews, and has edited edited over 20,000 news items, articles, and interviews.

• As Editor-in-Chief of one of the main Cypriot media platforms, Natalia was a member of the Presidential pool, accompanying three Presidents of the Republic of Cyprus during their official visits (2004-2019)

• Natalia organized trips for Cypriot delegations, facilitating social and commercial negotiations as far afield as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, and India (2011-2020). In 2024 this activity was resumed with the first successful Armenia-Cyprus Business Forum held in Yerevan.

• Natalia has built and maintains a business communications network in 80+ countries worldwide.
George Vassiliou
Former President of the Republic of Cyprus
Natalia Kardash is one of the most dynamic and creative people I have ever met. She arrived in Cyprus twenty years ago and very soon after her arrival she managed to become associated with both the Cypriot and Russian communities. Natalia ran the first Russian language newspaper in Cyprus, VESTNIK KIPRA, which in a very short period of time became an indispensable paper for the Russian community in Cyprus. At the same time the paper became a 'must have' for those Russian citizens who were interested in Cyprus and wanted to understand the economic and other opportunities offered by the Republic of Cyprus, both its current residents and also for those persons who were interested in taking residency on the island.

Her activities were not however limited to the publishing of the newspaper and included other interesting magazines presenting Cypriot businessmen to a Russian audience under the title of Successful Business Magazine.

I could go on referring to her many activities and initiatives, the purpose of which was very simple: to strengthen Cyprus-Russian relations, to improve the image of Cyprus and promote the island among the local Russian community and abroad, in Russia and other countries.

George Vassiliou
Former President of the Republic of Cyprus
Introduction for Natalia's book published in 2019
Nicos Anastasiades
Former President of the Republic of Cyprus
I would like to thank Natalia Kardash and her team for organizing on a yearly basis the Cyprus-Russian Festival. It attracts thousands of visitors and proves that it has been established as a traditional celebration in the hearts of Russians and Cypriots. This is the Festival which is celebrated by the firm bonds of friendship between our two peoples.

Cyprus and Russia have a long history of cooperation in all fields. A collaboration with deep historical, political, cultural and religious roots. The Government and the people of Cyprus highly appreciate this special relationship that we wish to upgrade more and work of such people like Natalia Kardash who contribute a lot to the strengthening of our bilateral relations.

Nicos Anastasiades
Former President of the Republic of Cyprus
100 members from 23 countries working in 37 fields of business
This reportage is highlighing the various activities of the Business Club
Birthday Breakfast of the Successful Business Leaders' Club
Three years ago, in 2020, Natalia Kardash established a private business club. This platform helps her to introduce her personal contacts to each other and help them in communications and business development.
Challenge to Challenge. Otherwise, the life is not full
This interview was given to Paul Lambis in 2021, however it still remains valid for us. It says about my work and challenges we have about our events, newspaper, magazine and other activities of Vestnik Kipra Group.
Paul Lambis' Interview for his project Culturescope
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