Natalia Kardash usually attends many official and business events. Some of them are related with her work as the editor-in-chief of the only Russian newspaper in Cyprus or publisher of an analytic business magazine, other events are related with her public work as the Founder of an International business club.

The personal business network of Ms. Kardash includes over 6,000 executives from at least 30 countries. All these people live in Cyprus or work with Cyprus. Internationally, Natalia regularly communicates with her colleagues – publishers, community leaders, presidents of various business clubs and communities.

Having more than 20 years experience in media and communication as well as a well-established circle of associates, Natalia Kardash can help in introductions and establishing relationships on all levels: social, business, municipal, governmental. Being an expert on Cyprus, she may be useful for brainstorming and planning.

The List of Services

- PR and promotion of local or international business in Cyprus;
- Direct and indirect advertising in Cyprus (in Russian, English or Greek) – printed and online media, radio, TV, social media;
- Event management – organization of business events and meetings;
- Introductions and partnership – finding right people;
- Translation and business education;
- Assisting in negotiations, sales and business deals.

How to arrange your first consultation

Send an introduction email on, describe your topic and your goals and suggest the day and time for the first conversation. The first online or offline meeting is free. If Natalia can help, she'll send you an offer for cooperation based on this introduction discussion.

The consulting fees

Regular consulting fee is 130 euro/hour. With most of her clients Natalia works on a retainer fee basis.

Online and offline publications

Natalia Kardash is a publisher of two online and two offline publications. Her company publishes a Russian newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA (for last 27 years) and a Russian business magazine SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS (for last 11 years).

There are also two daily websites: (60.000+ unique readers) and (15.000+ business readers). The first site is with news (Cyprus news in Russian language), the second is with business analytics (the readers are only business people).

VESTNIK KIPRA media are present in all social media networks and messengers where the articles are shared as well as the adverts and advertorials of Vestnik Kipra's clients.

The fees for publications

The fees varies from 150 euro per article/press-release on the website to 2-3K euro for exclusive pages in her printed editions. You may send an email to to request a media kit for any publication.


The first Russian newspaper in Cyprus (est. 1995), the only one that continues publishing in paper. Now it is a monthly digest of daily news published on complimented by thematic articles and interviews.
48 pages, 8 of them high quality glossy, 40 pages printed on usual newsprint paper.


The oldest Russian-language business magazine in Cyprus. The only analytics magazine focused on Easter Mediterranean business, investments, finance. Source of quality business articles and analytics for Russian business community. Organiser of many international business events.

Circulation: 3000 copies every 3 months. Free distribution. In January the magazine is published in English, in April, July, October – in Russian language.

Daily Cyprus news in Russian language.

Statistics: Upon request, a Google analytics report is available. As for January 2021 there are 802,000 page views, 94,000 unique visitors.

Users per country: Cyprus – 43%, Russia – 41%, Ukraine – 4%, USA – 2%, Belarus – 1%, Kazakhstan – 1%, Latvia – 1%, 39 other countries – 7%

Content: This is the only website in Russian language that focuses on Cyprus business analytics, Eastern European and Mediterranean business activity. 95% of its content is in Russian, 5% - in English. The website published originals of commercial articles and interviews in English and translates them into Russian.
Statistics: Upon request, a Google analytics report is available. As for January 2021 there are 30,000 page views, 9,000 unique visitors.
Users per country: Russia – 46%, Cyprus – 32%, Ukraine – 3%, USA – 3%, Belarus – 1%, 27 other countries – 15%

You may promote your business through:

- A banner linked to your website;
- A press-release/thematic article/advertorial;
- A photo reportage, your own blog, an expert opinion to editorials.
How to get a price-list or an offer for Vestnik Kipra's media?

Please send an email to requesting this information. If you need a complicated media campaign, contact Ms. Kardash directly:
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