Leaders' Club
Three years ago I established a private club with the aim of providing a platform for my personal business network to connect and interact online and offline.

The club arranges and manages various events, such as meetings, workshops, presentations, get-togethers, seminars, and conferences. Club members participate in brainstorming sessions to generate innovative ideas and solutions, discuss upcoming and ongoing developments, gain insights into the business community, and stay updated with news from both Cyprus and the global market.

Our Business Club in Brief:

Private Club. Successful Business Leaders' Club is a community of professionals consisting solely of individuals who have a business relationship with the Founder and have worked with her on one of her business projects.

Online and Offline. The Club regularly organizes online and offline meetings for members. One-to-one meetings between members can also be arranged upon request.

Economic Diplomacy Council (EDC) members are distinguished business leaders, including shareholders, founders, presidents, and CEOs with international interests. All EDC members reside in Cyprus and meet in person.

International Business Executives Board (IBEB) members are owners, decision-makers and senior executives of local and international businesses, both in Cyprus and abroad. At present, 80% of members reside in Cyprus, and board members participate in virtual and in-person meetings.

Networking in the Club. Our online and offline events include informative presentations on current research and developments, as well as discussions on hot topics of concern to the business community. We also make sure that all our members meet each other in 1x1 format or in small groups. In addition to that, we organize (for EDC members) get-together breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, which offer a relaxed and informal setting to meet with other members.

We also offer Q&A sessions with key people such as ministers, ambassadors, mayors, representatives from the public and business sectors, experts in various areas, municipal and local organizations, tax & economic advisors/experts, and many others.

Networking outside the Club. As I organise many events and participate in various business projects, I am in a position to occasionally invite Club members to join me. They may become speakers or panelists, join cocktail receptions or farewell parties of events organised in Cyprus by my partners or my contacts. I always keep in mind business interests of Club members and help to create opportunities for their business development.

Special rates. Μembers are eligible for a 20% discount on all events organized by Vestnik Kipra Group, as well as for all PR, communication, and advertising services of the Group.