Natalia is looking for...
Business owners. In 2020 Natalia has launched a private business club. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS LEADERS' CLUB is based in Cyprus, it aims to introduce people to each other during personal face-to-face meetings. It also arranges events, workshops, presentations, get togethers, seminars, conferences etc. to brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions, discuss latest trends and progress on current and forthcoming developments, to gain insight about the business community and share news both about Cyprus and internationally.

Decision makers. In 2021 Natalia Kardash established two new networks - a Linkedin Cyprus Business Network and web Vestnik Kipra Communications Platform - in order to introduce to each other senior and middle management of international companies from all over the World. All these people are personal contacts of Natalia, all of them live in Cyprus or live abroad but work with Cyprus.

Speakers and Partners. Natalia is constantly searching for speakers and sponsors for her business events, especially for those where there are many lectures, workshops and panel discussions. In 2021 she is looking for partners, sponsors and speakers for her Digital Marketing Conference, Health&Beauty Forum, BEST INVEST Congress and BEST LEGAL Conference.

Advertisers and authors. Natalia's company has to produce daily content for and, as well as for the paper issues of her newspaper and her magazine. She is always looking for advertisers and interesting articles.

People who plan to relocate to Cyprus. Consultancy services for individuals and companies looking to relocate to Cyprus is one of the most frequent requests that Natalia receives from the international community. She can help in the relocation of businesses and personnel of these companies, as well as to help to find local employees and partners in Cyprus.

Please send a request to or via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram message to +(357) 99 587156.